About Us
Bamboo Family Clinic

Bamboo Sunrise has been servicing underprivileged youth and providing care since its inception in 2012. We were created on the vision of Ms. Shirley Holdeman whose work spans decades. First working in schools and later developing a treatment level, or specialized, foster care agency. She believes a persons wellness comes from environment as well as physical and mental health. To provide structured patient care, one needs to encompass the physical and mental well-being of the family and individual. 

Our system of care provides all aspects of the human condition. Whether you require a physical, emotional, behavioral, or social approach to your wellness.


Bamboo Family Clinic will outline a long term solutions to you and your families wellness at an affordable price. We work closely with your insurance carrier and non-profits to provide resources and offset costs; thus offering affordable health care to all our clients. 

Please feel free to contact our Family Health Clinic at 702-483-2969 or our Mental Health Services at 702-433-3038. Your health and well-being are our long term goal!