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Adult Psychiatry

Life can be stressful which is why we offer a wide array of service that focuses on your emotional and mental well-being. We provide on-site psychiatric assessments as well as psychiatric medication management. We also partner with outside agencies within walking distances if ever you're in need of specific counseling services. We at Bamboo Family Clinic believe that wellness comes from within, and that is making sure that you feel happy and healthy with yourself.




We take great care in ensuring that our patients receive the utmost care. To determine the best method of treatment we perform a psychiatric assessments. A psychiatric assessment is designed to gather information including family history and medical history to best determine a diagnosis based on the information gathered. From here, a treatment plan can be developed which may include therapy/counseling, medication management, etc. 


Medication Management
Prescription Drugs

Just as some medications may be used to treat the body, there are also some medications specifically used to treat the mind. Medications may be prescribed as part of a treatment plan to better assist the patient to achieve their overall goals of mental health. Often times, medication is used in tandem with therapy/counseling services so as to promote a sense of self awareness of ones mental status and lower the dependency on psychotropic medications.

Therapy & Counseling

Therapy & Counseling

Group Discussion

Therapy and/or counseling services may be required as part of a treatment plan developed for a patient. We partner with many local agencies, many within walking distance, that can be recommended to you. We work closely with these agencies to ensure that the treatment plan is followed and that your health and mental well-being continue to improve. 

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